Account Security

You are solely responsible for the security and confidentiality of your Account. In particular, you agree to keep your username, password strictly confidential and you are responsible for any misuse of your password or credentials. Please note that when you create an Account, you need to provide a valid email address, mobile number, password to create your Account. If another device, mobile or web tries to access the Account, a code will be sent to your chosen device. This code will need to be entered when logging in with a new device. This will help ensure the security of your Account and help to prevent unauthorized access and use of your Account.

Provided that we have been correctly supplied with the account information requested, we are entitled to assume that any activity on the Website is initiated by you. You should change your password on a regular basis and never disclose it to any third party. You undertake to protect your username and password in the same way that you would in respect of your bank cards and any failure to do so shall be at your sole risk and expense. If another person accesses your Account, you are solely responsible for all their actions whether or not their access was authorized by you and you hereby indemnify us and hold us harmless against all costs, claims, expenses and damages howsoever arising in connection with the use of or access to your Account by any third party.

Sale or Transfer of Account

You will not attempt to sell or transfer your Account, including credentials used to open the Account, to any third party and you also agree not acquire or attempt to acquire an account that has been opened by a third party.

Acceptable Use

You represent, warrant and agree that you will comply with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations in relation to your use of the Software and the Services. We are not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Software or the Services by you. By accepting these Terms of Service, you agree to assist us, to the extent that you are able, with the compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

User ID Password

When you register with us, you will be able to choose a unique player name and Password for your Account. Once you’ve set your player name, we’re unable to change it for you. If you wish to change your Password, do so within the Edit Profile in the Account section.

You may not in any circumstances to nominate or allow any person to be an authorized user of your Account. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not reveal your User ID, Password, and Pin to anyone else.  We shall be entitled to assume that all Contests entered when your User ID and Pin have been entered correctly are valid and made by you, whether or not such transactions were authorized by you. We shall not be liable for any claims if you disclose your User ID and Pin to anyone else or where your negligence or deliberate act has contributed to such third-party access to your Account.

It is your sole responsibility to maintain the confidentiality and security of your Account information, User ID and Pin if required. If young persons are sharing or have access to your devices, you may wish to install parental control software. You should change your Password on a regular basis via the link on our websites and/or mobile applications. You should notify us of any unauthorized use of your Account as soon as you suspect it or otherwise become aware of it.

If you lose or forget your User ID and/or Password, you can retrieve the details to unlock your Account using the tools provided on our websites and/or mobile applications. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Care Team by telephone, live chat or email subject to sufficient security and verification checks we will reset your User ID and/or Pin for you. If you suspect that someone else has obtained your User ID and or password, you must contact our Customer Care Team immediately.  We cannot, however, reset your password, only the registered user can reset the password and must have access to the verified email address to do so.

Protection of funds

We hold customer funds separate from company funds in a major bank based in the US.  This means that arrangements have been made to ensure assets in the customer accounts are distributed to customers in the event of insolvency.  There is, however, no absolute guarantee that all funds will be repaid.


The funds in your Account are held on your behalf to meet any payment obligations you may incur as a result of paid Contests using FansRule.

You undertake that:

You accept that all transactions may be checked to prevent money laundering and that any transactions made by you which FansRule deems suspicious, may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

To make a deposit go to the Manage Money Section and select “Add Funds.” You will be prompted to take funds from your PayPal account or select a card in your PayPal account.  You will also have the option to add a card if needed during the process.  Once the card is selected, you can add funds up to the amount of the limits you or we have set and agreed to.  If you exceed the limits, you will be advised via a notification. Once the transaction has cleared your Account balance will be updated to reflect the funds added.  You can also go to the transaction history log to verify the transaction.

This transaction will come with an ID number that can be used for future inquiries and tracking of money movement in your Account.  All deposits may be subject to your bank and/or payment provider’s authorization, and we accept no liability where this is not provided.

When using a debit card, credit card or online payment service, you must make sure that the name on the card or payment service is the same as the name used to register your Account.

All deposits must be in the currencies available for the Services which currently is US dollars.  See section 6 (protection of funds) to understand any risk associated with the funds we hold for each player.

The minimum deposit is $10 (ten dollars) as may be amended from time to time or the equivalent amount in your chosen currency.

You can also opt to engage in zero  ($0) dollars Contests.  When this occurs the player you proposed a Contest to can only also elect a zero ($0) dollars Contest. If you receive a Contest proposal that has a dollar amount attached to it you must have funds in your Account to accept.  Once accepted those funds are deducted from your Account until the Contests declared by the players.  Once declared funds are transferred to the winner/winners less our transaction fee.

We reserve the right to change the minimum deposit without prior notice. We will publish any change to the minimum deposit amount on our websites.

We will never charge you for making a deposit. However, certain banks may charge if they classify the deposit as a “cash” transaction. Please ask your bank for more details.

Your deposit will be available in your Account as soon as your bank authorizes the amount you choose to deposit. Deposits will usually show as “” on your statement.

Funds in your Account do not bear interest and are deemed to be advance payments for intended transactions.

You should only deposit money in your Account for using such money on our Services. We shall be entitled to suspend or close your Account if we reasonably believe that you are depositing money without any intention to use such money on our Services. In such circumstances, we may also report you to the relevant authorities.

We have a number of controls and checks that may be required before any withdrawal request is processed. These checks are part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining the security of our customers’ funds. All withdrawals requests are therefore only processed after the expiry of a set period of time from the withdrawal request being made and do not include any funds of any Contests currently in play or not closed out.