FantasyRules: The Next Big Thing in Fantasy Sports

FantasyRules: The Next Best Thing in Fantasy Sports FantasyRules is a new online fantasy sports platform that solves a massive problem among traditional Yahoo Fantasy Football leagues. What’s that massive problem? Yahoo Team owners have no way of winning frequent cash in their traditional (season-long) leagues. They have to wait until season’s end to get […]

Supercharge Your Yahoo Fantasy Sports League

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Leagues are underway (namely football). With this being the part of the season where the excitements of seasonal leagues fizzle out for many, in-season fantasy players are turning to daily sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. Why? It’s simple…There is no way to win frequent cash within the structure of a season-long league. […]

 How I Lose Every Fantasy Football Game and Still Make Money

How I Lose Every Fantasy Football Game and Still Make Money   Fantasy Football just became 1,000x better for those using the Yahoo platform. Let me tell you my personal story; I started my season 0-4. Yeah, it sucks…. HOWEVER, I have won more money than anyone in my league. How? The FantasyRules app. The […]

Your Yahoo Fantasy Football Season, on Steroids

So you play Yahoo Fantasy football, but you want more. You want bigger points. Bigger wins. Bigger games, and bigger winnings. Welcome to FantasyRules. This is your Yahoo fantasy league, on steroids. No, seriously. Read on. FantasyRules gives you the chance to play multiple types of games and win cold hard cash. Signing up is […]

FantasyRules.Com, the Next Best Thing in Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has come a long way since its’ inception in the 1960s. You have your daily leagues, which has a ton of marketing dollars being pumped into it now. They offer a unique way to play the fantasy football game, all without the trouble of having to wait all week or all season, depending […]

The Pitfalls of Daily Leagues

Daily leagues are, at least for many people, quite the rush. If you have ever played in a group fantasy league, what the daily league essentially offers is a sped up version. Instead of waiting for the whole game week or season, the daily league offers you (the chance at) a quick pay out. They […]

FantasyRules: The Undisputed Best Way to Play Yahoo! Fantasy Football

There are some major problems in the fantasy football world, and I am going to tell you exactly what they are. As we all know, many fantasy team owners need frequent jolts of excitement. They want the rush of competing for cash every week, not waiting for a potential payout at the end of the […]

FantasyRules vs. Daily Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy Football has steadily grown since its inception in the 1960s. The late 1990s catapulted it to a nationwide phenomenon, making it possible for the 40 million-plus that play today. Many changes have occurred since then, advances in scoring, different types of leagues, and ways to make money playing fantasy sports make up the game […]

The History of Fantasy Football

Looking back at the history of fantasy football, many people think that rotisserie league baseball of the 1970s was the beginning of fantasy sports. Those people would be wrong. Fantasy football got its’ start much earlier. Here is a timeline for the history of fantasy football. 1962 Send a thank you letter to the Oakland […]