FantasyRules.Com, the Next Best Thing in Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has come a long way since its’ inception in the 1960s. You have your daily leagues, which has a ton of marketing dollars being pumped into it now. They offer a unique way to play the fantasy football game, all without the trouble of having to wait all week or all season, depending on how your contests are set up and what sport. You also have your season-long leagues, the conventional fantasy football league set-up which is based on your team’s win-loss record.

Daily leagues are a faster version of the game; you get to be done with everything at the end of the day. They also offer the potential of huge pay-outs and multiple contest options. There is a flip side, though. These daily leagues are designed with the more established players in mind. It gets very difficult for a new player to win in a league where the best players have the financial muscle to enter a large number of contests at the same time, essentially guaranteeing them tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most daily league websites allow the use of algorithms that enable mostly the more established players to edit their rosters multiple times, identify the best possible squad, game combinations, and even identify the contests that have newbies that they can enter and improve their chances of winning. These games are essentially betting, but in a rather lopsided field.

The season-long league, such as the Yahoo Sports league, is a fun, all-season long competition between league members. You enter a league with your friends, choose a team and accumulate points and wins throughout the season depending on how your players perform in every game they play. It is all fun and games, but for many people, though, what kills the excitement is the wait. You get to experience managing a team for a whole season, but this can easily get boring. If, say, you were to start the season at 5-0 and your friends start at 1-4, nobody can blame them for getting a bit disengaged as the season goes along. In most cases, it will be clear who might win way before the season ends, and the rest then find themselves being mere placeholders. One can only win cash at the end of the season too, and this is only if you come first or second.

If daily leagues and the season-long leagues are at opposite ends of the spectrum, then is the perfect blend of the two, with a far better social experience and chance of winning money. It is without a doubt the best way to play Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football, offering non-stop engagement all season as you play. At FantasyRules, you get to send and receive weekly or seasonal cash contests with other teams in your Yahoo Fantasy Football League based on how players on your team perform. It’s very simple; Yahoo scores the contest and FantasyRules pays the winner. This will keep the engagement and excitement levels of your league at a maximum level all through the long season.

How to get started:

First, log onto using your Yahoo credentials. You will notice that your entire Yahoo fantasy league will be added here, including team names and helmet icons. Every team owner in your league then receives $25 which they can then use when they send or receive contests from other teams in their yahoo league. Contests are between team owners in a league and are based on points scored each week, as calculated by the league’s fantasy site. Players therefore do not have to worry about losing their cash or going up against the veterans of fantasy football who do this for a living. FantasyRules lets you participate in weekly cash contests with other team owners in your league, while also enjoying other features like the social networking chat aspect on the app where you can communicate and banter other team owners within your league. FantasyRules will then send an invite to every team owner in your league to register with FantasyRules. Players can register from the invite link directly or go to their Apple or Android app store to download the app and register.

Next, invite other players from your league to participate. At FantasyRules, you can easily invite and engage other team owners with multiple cash contest each week in your league using your Yahoo credentials. allows you to keep your Yahoo Sports league interesting throughout the season. This step is crucial because as they say, ‘to kick butt, you need someone’s butt to kick.’ You can invite your buddies, that office Yahoo Sports fantasy football league sworn enemy or your entire league. The notable thing here is that unlike many daily leagues, you will be playing with people you know. There is little chance of coming up in an unfair matchup.

The third step
is choosing the kind of contest to participate in. offers the participant a wide variety of options. You can go for a team versus team type contest or invite the entire league. Fantasy Rules has multiple contests based on various statistical points generated by each team as calculated by the league’s Yahoo Fantasy Site. For instance, you might choose to compete with one league team owner on most points generated for a particular week or you can set up a contest for most minutes for a season with the entire league. There are also contests on whose team generates the most points for the week, the highest QB point total, highest offensive and defensive point totals and so on. essentially gives you the
spirit of the daily league’s winnings and the heart of the season-long leagues, with a much better social aspect and a chance of winning money. I know a few people who would have otherwise been counted out of the typical Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football league will enjoy this. There are many more options in terms of contests too. You get to choose from such contests as total points, total QB points, rushing points and so on, all stats-based contests that are calculated by Yahoo.

The final step
is to choose your cash amount. Again, offers a myriad of options. You get to choose the contest, the cash amount you might want to send and who to send or accept a contest request from. Each of the contests will be based on the different Yahoo points totals calculated by the leagues Yahoo fantasy site. After the challenges have been accepted all around, you are good to go.

The all-important smack talk and social networking feature

This is one of the coolest and most unique things that offers. These leagues are fun because you get to taunt your opponents every time you beat them. This is why most leagues are between friends and acquaintances. At, the app has an awesome feature where you get to send those good luck messages with a twist.

After all this, you collect your winnings, do a little victory dance and do it all over again.
really is the best of both worlds. Experience the feeling of winning every week as your league goes on, choose from multiple cash contest options, be a winner in your Yahoo league every week, and have a blast with the other team owners in your league.