FantasyRules: The Next Big Thing in Fantasy Sports

FantasyRules: The Next Best Thing in Fantasy Sports

FantasyRules is a new online fantasy sports platform that solves a massive problem among traditional Yahoo Fantasy Football leagues. What’s that massive problem?

Yahoo Team owners have no way of winning frequent cash in their traditional (season-long) leagues. They have to wait until season’s end to get paid, and only if they are a top team in their respective league. In traditional Yahoo Fantasy Football leagues, there are 12 teams or less, with 1-3 winners, so those odds are quite stacked. If a team starts 1-4, they can easily lose the excitement they had in Week 1.

This is a key reason why team owners get bored, impatient, and turn to daily leagues in the middle of their Yahoo season. FantasyRules bridges that gap by giving team owners the ability to send weekly and end of season cash contests with anyone in the league, so no matter where your team shows up in the standings, you can be a winner every week with bragging rights. All contests are based on player and team stats, with the scoring pulled from Yahoo.

In recent years that Fantasy football has grown alongside the sport and offered additional avenues for fans and team owners to enjoy themselves, managing a handpicked team. Today, almost all leagues offer participants the chance to earn some money. Regardless, many true purists believe that the only way Fantasy Football should be played is in a season-long format because it better emulates managing a real team.

Fantasy football has always been an evolving idea, and over the years, it certainly has, but there has never been a way to bridge the gap between traditional leagues, social networking, and the excitement of winning frequent cash, UNTIL NOW. Enter FantasyRules, “The Next Big Thing in Fantasy Sports.”

FantasyRules gives you and your friends the chance to enjoy yourselves by entering cash contests based on your Yahoo League scores within your season-long Fantasy Football league. Here are some of the benefits we offer FantasyRules users:

We are available on the Android Playstore, with an Apple Store version set to be released in the near future. We are in the process of growing our range of options and will soon be working on integration for both ESPN and the NFL’s Fantasy Platforms. We are also proud to announce that we will be available in the winter and spring for the March Madness tournament and for the NHL.

To get started: Go to, click “get started” or download the “FantasyRules” app in the Google Play Store.