FantasyRules: The Undisputed Best Way to Play Yahoo! Fantasy Football

There are some major problems in the fantasy football world, and I am going to tell you exactly what they are. As we all know, many fantasy team owners need frequent jolts of excitement. They want the rush of competing for cash every week, not waiting for a potential payout at the end of the NFL season with only a 10-15% chance of winning. For a lot of people, that is boring. Also, what happens if your team isn’t performing well 4 weeks into the season. Maybe you’re 0-4, and your buddy is 4-0, so you lose interest. So, what do you do then? Like I said, you probably lose interest, and then you start hearing commercials that show some guy who invested $10 and made $10,000 and that “your fantasy football season is never over with.” So, what do you do then? You give it a whirl and see how it goes.

So, as mentioned, you try out a few daily fantasy sites only to find out some unfortunate truths. First, many of the players are sharks who prey off newbies, and studies provide further insight into this. A study done by consulting giant McKinney& Co, shows that the top 1-2% of daily fantasy players, pay 40-50% of the entry fees, but reap 90-95% of the cash winnings. There are a host of others outside with similar reports, showing who really makes the majority of cash on these sites. In any event, those numbers are not a good sign for the average Joe, not to mention there are a host of other things that deter people from playing daily fantasy sports once they get into it. Many of these things take away from the true essence as to how the game should be played and makes us love fantasy football with a passion. Additionally, who wants to deal with salary caps, automated matchup scripts, per-contest percentage fees, and other things that truly take away from the essence of what makes fantasy football such a great game?

Not to mention, it ruins the smack-talking experience because you are simply trying to climb a leaderboard of people you don’t know from a hole in the wall. It’s a lot more fun to rip on your buddy or co-worker, isn’t it? Despite those issues, and even with slimmer odds, the prospect of winning frequent cash is too tempting for many. So, they give it a shot only to find out these unfortunate truths. All those aforementioned issues bring us full circle on the “major problems” I was alluding to in my first sentence, so here they are, as bright as day.

The Problems:

1. Fantasy owners have no way to satisfy their urge to win cash regularly without playing in daily fantasy leagues.

2. Many people wish they could win weekly money, but they strongly prefer to do it within the confines of their season-long Yahoo Fantasy Football league.

3. In seasonal Yahoo leagues, underperforming teams lose interest half-way through the season, killing the buzz, smack-talk, and other fun elements that we so much look forward to heading into the season.

The Solution:

Why is the solution


Getting started:

  1. Start your free account at and receive $25 in free contest cash.
  2. Invite Another Team Owner or your Entire League
  3. Choose from “Team vs Team” or “League Contest” in both weekly and seasonal formats.
  4. Pick Your Contest
  5. Choose Cash Amount
  6. Let the Games Begin!
  7. Smack-talk your opponent
  8. Yahoo decides the winner
  9. You get paid!

Be a Winner in Your Yahoo! Fantasy League Every Week”