FantasyRules vs. Daily Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy Football has steadily grown since its inception in the 1960s. The late 1990s catapulted it to a nationwide phenomenon, making it possible for the 40 million-plus that play today.

Many changes have occurred since then, advances in scoring, different types of leagues, and ways to make money playing fantasy sports make up the game now. But most recently, the emergence of cash daily leagues like FanDuel and DraftKings has brought on a new wave of fantasy gaming.

Especially football.

The ability to win money immediately (well, almost), has enticed millions of fans to play in these leagues. The problem is, you’re playing against those millions of people. Well, not all of them. But there can be hundreds or thousands of players in one league at a time. All vying for the same money.

In steps FantasyRules.

FantasyRules is the next big leap in Fantasy sports. It’s a revolutionary app allowing Yahoo’s season-long Fantasy owners the chance to be cash winners every week based on the performance of their fantasy team.

Since FantasyRules is based upon your Yahoo fantasy league, instead of playing against 1000 users, your games can be one-on-one, or league-wide. Also, while they’re based on the statistical performance of your own team, you can set the game to almost any parameter Yahoo Fantasy Football tracks. Unlike the daily leagues.

FanDuel and DraftKings have you deposit funds, join a contest, and choose a team based on a salary cap. You must balance the skill of your players with the amount of money the sites have placed on them. Not only that, but the others playing against you have the same choices that you do. Pick the wrong combination of quarterback and wide receiver and someone with a similar team as you can outscore you, possibly taking your share of the winnings.

FantasyRules is a different game entirely. You joined a league and drafted your team before the season started. You’re already playing against a dozen or so guys for the title. With FantsaysRules, you can spice those games up a bit. Make a contest on who will have the better kicker that week if you want. Play to see who was better at picking wide receivers for the season. The choice is yours, and your opponents are the people you play with already.

You sign up, invite your league, and set up matches, or let your league members do that for themselves. Either way, each player automatically gets $25 in their account just as a ‘thanks for playing’ gesture. We take a small fee depending upon the type of contest, but all the rest remains yours. Unless you lose to your buddy of course.

Those daily sites are a hotbed for what are called backdoor entry points. Ways to set up programming to manipulate the system. Many players on those sites play in hundreds of games, with entry fees ranging from $1 to thousands of dollars each. Programs are written that allow these players to have the upper hand at picking rosters. Maximizing their chances at beating the smaller players. Chances are, if you’ve played, it’s been against the guys that do it for a living. This sets the game in their favor, as they likely have more resources than you do.

At FantasyRules, you know who you’re playing against. Although the daily sites have set certain limits to their amount of players per contest, many times, the count is still 500. And because we are directly connected to your Yahoo Fantasy Sports league, we take your scores, from the team you chose, and use them in the contests against the players you want to play against.

So let’s say you’ve drafted a good quality team in your league at the office. You may even win a lot of games. But taking those ideas into daily playing contests won’t win you games. We talked about the salary cap, and that everyone has the options as you. But what we didn’t cover is that games often aren’t won with the nice quarterback. You can’t get all of the best players, and often, a little-known guy goes for big points. While you’re office-league is going great, the big advantage there, is you’re not playing against the same players you drafted in late August.

That’s a big thing here at FantasyRules. We take your already-existing team in Yahoo Fantasy Football, and you pick the contest, and you pick your opponents from your own league. It’s really that simple. Play for a week, or all season, the choice is yours.

Plus, fantasy team owners that aren’t doing as well as they had hoped, tend to lose interest towards the end of the season. FantasyRules keeps then in the game. By offering weekly side games, or ways to still compete in our season-long contests, owners continue to play, even when their team might not have a shot at the title. You don’t get that with the daily leagues. Users that don’t win regularly, tend to not like losing money, even with the big ads promising access to big winnings. FantasyRules offers no empty promises. Only a chance to win real cash weekly, depending on which type you choose to play.

At this point, there is no separation between the big-time players with all the resources and the recreational guys, just in there for fun. This makes it hard to actually win on those daily sites. You not only have to pick a good team and score a lot of points, but you have to score within the top fraction of players to finish in the money. Most of the time, that small percentage is full of the guys with the workarounds.

FantasyRules also has an opportunity for you to connect to your opponents via our chat function. Talk all the smack you want during your active contest, that’s part of the fun! Most of the people you play against on FanDuel or DraftKings you’ll never connect with, not be able to smack talk. Now, where’s the fun in that?

So, let’s look at this again. FantasyRules offers a way for you to win cash on a weekly or at the end-of-the-season basis, with lower fees, and a much smaller pool of players. Not to mention total control of the parameters, money on the line, and we use the team you already play with on Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

It’s easy to set up, too. Go to, click sign up, and enter your Yahoo Fantasy Sports credentials. The app does the rest. Send the invite to your league, and once everyone accepts the rules of play, and $25 is deposited in their play accounts, and available to use in whatever contests they choose.

Be a Winner in Your Yahoo! Fantasy League Every Week”