Governance and Legality

Both federal and state laws govern fantasy sports laws. FantasyRules operates in compliance with federal law, including a statute called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA, which exempts fantasy sports contests from its regulation.

State law regarding Fantasy Sports contests varies by state. In some states, the legality of fantasy contests has never been questioned while some state legislatures have already passed laws confirming the legality of fantasy contests.

FantasyRules will continue to monitor any and all new developments as it pertains to our ability to operate in selected states. We will continue to act quickly to ensure we are in compliance with the laws in any state where we operate. As changes in the law take place or regulations are implemented we may make changes to this statement and our site to reflect any such new laws or regulations.

States Below are those which we don’t operate in. If you live or have residency in any of these states you may not use FantasyRules and you will be blocked when you register or when you send or receive a contest, add a card to add funds. States that have recently approved Fantasy Sports contest are AL and IO