How I Lose Every Fantasy Football Game and Still Make Money

How I Lose Every Fantasy Football Game and Still Make Money


Fantasy Football just became 1,000x better for those using the Yahoo platform. Let me tell you my personal story; I started my season 0-4. Yeah, it sucks…. HOWEVER, I have won more money than anyone in my league. How? The FantasyRules app. The app allows me to send and receive stat-focused, cash contests with other team owners in my Yahoo league. The contests are based on anything from QB performance, RB performance, defense, total points, and more. The best part, Yahoo keeps score via the FantasyRules app. FantasyRules pays the winner and tracks the contests.

I feel like every single year fantasy team owners within their league argue about who was the best team. That’s because the person with the best record may not have had the most points. They just won more weekly matchups, and we have all seen that happen before. In our Yahoo League, we are using the FantasyRules app to see who really the best team in our league is by having a cash contest based on who had the most regular season points. We can also split payouts so, 2nd and 3rd place can still claim winnings too if you set it up that way.

For the last 4 weeks, I have lost every matchup by 15 points or less. Story of my life…I still win money every week because I use the app to place cash contests in areas where I have strong matchups. I choose favorable QB and RB matchups, then initiate cash contests with other teams in my league and usually win. This is the 2nd year in a row I have gotten off to a slow start, and unlike last season, the motivation to play is still there. I mean, why not? I may not have the record, but I always get bragging rights each time I win one of the FantasyRules weekly contests against one or more teams in my Yahoo Fantasy League.


This is usually the time of year when I start messing around with daily leagues to counter my losing season, but honestly, it’s not the same, and I think most diehards realize that. You play with total strangers, fees are a bit much, and these sites are set up us you to lose when you really analyze it. I do find the daily sites flawed. From the scripts, sharks, and everything in between, it’s just not what fantasy football should be at its core, if you ask me.  I feel like fantasy football should always be in a season or franchise mode. Fantasy football was designed to give people the ability to manage a team all season long, and I feel like the daily sites take away from the core elements of what makes fantasy football so great and insert their own rules.


FantasyRules is unique as I’ve never had the option of winning every week in a seasonal league. I mean, it does get a little boring waiting for the season to end, especially if you’re not winning most of your games, like me. I guess you could say FantasyRules is kind of like having the best of both worlds, combining daily sites and season-long leagues, but it’s a lot more than that. Unlike daily leagues, you have as much as a 50% chance of winning, depending on whether you do a head-to-head or compete against multiple teams.


It’s made our league a lot more fun to be a part of in general. Guys are trash-talking, having more fun, and the whole social experience is just better overall. The app’s trash-talk/storyline feature really helps with the entire social networking experience. Not only do we have the weekly contests, but we get to track our end of season contests directly on the fantasy rules app, which I know the guys are paying attention to. I couldn’t recommend this app enough as it has changed the way I will forever play fantasy football.


If you are in the middle of your Yahoo fantasy football season, there’s nothing better you can do than to start using the FantasyRules app. The social experience, chances of winning, and overall culture of your league will be so much better. I am one of the early users in what I think will be a fantastic product as more people get to know about it.