FantasyRules Announces New Social Networking App for Fantasy Football

App will change the nature of fantasy sports by allowing fantasy teams to send and receive cash contests with other teams in their league

October 17, 2018, San Jose, CA FantasyRules, a social networking application that gives season long fantasy football players the ability to send and receive weekly cash contests based on their fantasy teams’ performance, announces the launch of its fantasy sports app (FantasyRules) for the U.S. market. The new social networking app, designed for mobile devices, is changing the fantasy sports market by making it possible for team owners in traditional fantasy leagues to compete with every team in their leagues through legal cash contests on a weekly or end of season basis. No other application available on the market today combines social networking with legal cash contests for the 60 million plus fantasy sports players.

Today, the only option fantasy football players have to participate in weekly contests is to enter day leagues with players they don’t know, which provide no social interaction and where the vast majority of players seldom win. The social aspect of FantasyRules, combined with weekly team-to-team cash contests with other league team owners, ensures FantasyRules players will win often while experiencing an improved fantasy league social experience all season long.

FantasyRules provides a pre-defined set of contests for team owners who then make decisions about which contests to send, counter or accept. Outcomes are determined based on the results of an owner’s fantasy team as calculated by the league’s fantasy sports provider. Funds are held by FantasyRules for each contest until an outcome is declared and agreed to at the end of each week or when the season ends, at which point funds are distributed by the FantasyRules platform to the winning team or teams.

“As a long-time fantasy football player and league commissioner, I love the fact that I no longer need to spend hours and hours trying to keep teams engaged while also chasing players for funds,” says Seth Peters, a FantasyRules player. “I can now spend more time managing my team and participating in and winning contests based on the performance of my team, while engaging in banter inside the FantasyRules app with all the team owners in my league.”

Fantasy sports players have praised FantasyRules because it improves participation levels among league owners. Without FantasyRules, it’s an all too common scenario for players’ early season enthusiasm to be replaced by apathy later in the season, especially when their teams aren’t performing well. FantasyRules players remain engaged all season long, because of the ability to compete weekly in cash contests and interact socially with all the team owners in their football league.  FantasyRules is a true social networking app with player alerts, a real-time leader board and the ability to send smack and banter among teams, resulting in increased engagement levels and just plain more fun.

The all-new FantasyRules app offers traditional fantasy sports players an engaging, interactive format that will keep fans of fantasy sports connected and actively playing the game they love all season long. No matter where their team sits in the standings, team owners can be a winner each and every week using FantasyRules, while having a fun social experience, winning cash along with the all-important bragging rights in their league.

About FantasyRules: For the first time, Fantasy league players can legally send and accept weekly contests with other teams in their league. FantasyRules provides both weekly and end of season contests.  So, no matter where a fantasy football team is sitting in the standings, team owners can send and receive cash-based weekly contests with any team owner in their league and be a winner with all the associated bragging rights.  Sign up today at and the first $25 you use to send and accept a contest is on us.

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