Responsible Gaming

FantasyRules is a peer to peer fantasy sports app that enriches the sports experiences in a fun and legal manner. We do everything possible to prevent gaming-related problems. We’ve developed measures to maintain a responsible, safe and reliable place for online gaming fantasy players.

For most people fantasy sport contest are a fun, recreational activity, which they are able to enjoy without losing control. However for some people gambling can become a serious problem, both for themselves and for their family, friends, and those concerned about them.

Because our app FantasyRules in between team owners in a Yahoo fantasy league and must be accepted by another owner in their league, there is not the same issues associated with Fantasy Day Leagues. Day League players can enter into as many contest as they have funds for.

Key to manage problem gambling is to provide user with the information and tools they need to manage their own gamming effectively. We also strive to insure our customers understand how product operates and train all employees on issues associated with underage and problem gambling.

Tools we provide our players

Under Age Gambling: We require all player to provide their residency, address age and they agree to our terms of use. If a player decides to use our application their name and address must match that of the card they use to add and withdrawl funds. Any player who registers in a state that does not allow online fantasy contest will be blocked and account closed.

Deposit Limits: We provide new players with deposit limits of $50 per month that you can increase to $250, but will require the appropriate cooling off period of 24 hours before deposit limit can be raised. Maximum deposit is $250 per month. Maximum bet size is $250.

Time Outs: Allow players to take a break from the app based on the time they have selected from 1 day to 1 year. Once selected players will not be able to access their account until the time has passed. An email will be sent and the player will need to selet the link in order for them to access their account. Found is account settings

Self-Exclusion: Players can self exclude on the mobile app, web site or call in to our help desk where they will be directed to talk with a person trained for self-exclusion.

On both the Mobile app and or web-site a player can log into their account and go to the settings page and scrolls down to responsible gaming and select self-exclusion.

Once the user reads the information, disclaimer and terms associated with self-exclusion, they will be ask to select the period of time for self-exclusion. The minimum period can be set from 6 month to a max period of 12 months. The maximum period of time that a player can be self-excluded will be 5 years.

If a player opts to call into the NudgeBet support line they can do so by using our live chat feature or calling in during our business hours. Any one asking for information regarding self-exclusion or time-out will be directed to a person who is trained for the self-exclusion process. This person will have also attended the Gamcare problem gambling course and will be familiar with services including counseling to recommend to player.

Account Verification: Players personal address must match the information on the card they use to add and withdrawl funds. If the addess of the card is not the same as the players or is in a state that does not allow fantasy gaming the player will not be allowed to use the app and mobile number will be blocked.

App is designed to promote responsible gaming:

Peer to Peer: Because FantasyRules is a peer to peer on-line contest it requires that another qualified and vetted player must accept the contest which limits the number of contest a player can enter. This makes if very difficult for a player to be involved in placing or accepting multiple or sequential contest in a short period of time where losses can mount quickly.

Cancel Contests: Players can also cancel a contest at any time before the other player who was sent a contest accepts it. This gives a player the ability to change his mind once a contest is sent.

Reality Checks: Players will be able to at any time see how much they have won or loss , per fantasy sport.

Player support

Looking for help: If you have questions or concerns about your own gaming behavior or about that of a friend or family member, a good place to start is the NCRG.

You can also contact a 24 Hour Confidential National Helpline Number: 1-800-522-4700 or New York Specific Number: 877-846-7369 for additional assistance provided by the NCPG.

NCRG: Founded in 1996 as a charitable organization, the National Center for Responsible Gaming is exclusively devoted to funding research for gaming-related issues and effective methods of treatment. The research is scientific, peer-reviewed, and focused on prevention, diagnostic, intervention and treatment strategies, and advancing public education about responsible gaming.

The NCRG website provides a variety of support and referral sources for help with counseling and crisis support for any affected by a gaming-related issue.

Concerned about a family Member: If you believe that a member of your family is a problem gamer or is overspending please contact for assistance.