Your Yahoo Fantasy Football Season, on Steroids

So you play Yahoo Fantasy football, but you want more. You want bigger points. Bigger wins. Bigger games, and bigger winnings.

Welcome to FantasyRules. This is your Yahoo fantasy league, on steroids. No, seriously. Read on.

FantasyRules gives you the chance to play multiple types of games and win cold hard cash. Signing up is incredibly easy; head over to the site, and sign up using your Yahoo fantasy credentials. FantasyRules uses all of your already existing league information, and Yahoo’s scoring system to determine winners. With a massive boost to your chances of winning cold hard cash.

Set up a challenge with someone in your league, determine the amount you want to play for, and send the invite! It’s that simple to juice up your fantasy experience.

Contests can be weekly, or season-long, as well as positional, or full-team scoring. Challenge a league participant to a kicker challenge or see who’s wide receivers or defense performs the best. There really is no limit to what you can do.

The app uses your already set Yahoo league, your team-that you drafted-every week, for every contest. None of the weekly deciding what combination of players based on a salary cap like with those daily leagues. This is your team, your league, your friends. And the winnings are picked by you.

If it’s the fees your worried about, 10 contests a month is only $1. Another benefit of using FantasyRules is that you’re never playing against hundreds of other players. Choose to play against every player in your league, or just have a one-on-one matchup.

Daily leagues like FanDuel and DraftKings sound great, but really don’t offer much outside of bolstered possibilities and dreams of winning big money. But what they don’t tell you, is that aside from playing hundreds of other players worldwide-with the same access to the same players as you-these guys can use resources you may not have to build their team across multiple games. Not to mention that in order to win, you have to finish in the top percentage of those playing in the contest with you. At FantasyRules, only you can use your players, play against guys in your own league, and win cash!

FantasyRules allows you to set the parameters. How much could be won, what the contest will be, and how long to hold the challenge. Take your regular performance up a few notches to add more excitement, more challenge, and more cash to your fantasy football experience.

For instance, your season is going great. You’re in 1st place, beating everyone by a good margin. But now it’s boring. You love to win, but it’s just not enough. Enter FantasyRules. Set up a league-wide weekly, or season-long contest and show your prominence above your fellow league members and start winning cash immediately.

Even if your fantasy team is losing regularly, you can still power up your experience. Yeah, losing means your team isn’t scoring a lot. But maybe you have a guy at the top of his position, like a Saquon Barkley, or Travis Kelce. Challenge your league, or individual users to a positional challenge to see who has the best output that week, or all year. It’s that versatile.

Even better, talk smack while you’re doing it. FantasyRules has a feature where you can chat during the contest. Tell your opponent how badly you’re going to beat them. And if they try to talk back, well, I think you know what to do.

Daily leagues won’t offer what FantasyRules can. You have to draft different players for every matchup, playing against hundreds of different users who have the same access to your players, on top of having to finish in the top percentile to even win any money. The high fees do mean you have access to earn more money, but the contests are stacked against the typical user.

At FantasyRules, our low fees mean you keep the highest amount of the winnings in the market. You play within your league, you set the terms of the contest; the winnings, the type of contest you want to play, and all that is left to do is, win! Give your Yahoo Fantasy Football league a performance-enhancing boost today

Playing Yahoo fantasy football is fun by itself. But if you need more, FantasyRules is the boost you need to get your game to its maximum results.